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We’d like to acknowledge those people and organizations that have made this website possible. Jim Pullman was originally responsible for getting the ball rolling regarding fund raising, initially contacting organizations and individuals that directly address ALS in some way. On one of his initial calls to organized fund raisers, he just happened to connect to Maya Liu, whose husband Willis was an ALS victim, and a partner in Liu Wagner, a legal firm comprised of Louisiana maritime injury lawyers specializing in Jones Act cases. Liu Wagner generously contributed both financial support, using the proceeds from several cases resulting from a series of high visibility rig explosions in the Gulf of Mexico, basically contributing their services pro bono, with all fees going to ALS organization including A number of their corporate clients who were aware of his disability joined Willis and formed the Supporters of ALS Research, which for many years offered the most significant support for this site. Hat tips to Maurice Wilson, Fauna Joy, and Marvin Klugg, for their continuing efforts to keep the fundraising alive. Elma Riggs and Julia Spreet managed the email campaigns that successfully raised awareness and funds. These good people volunteered their time and energy to keep our vision alive.

Although Curt Shilling is the primary driving force behind the implemenation of this site, many others contributed their time and effort to help bring important research and information sharing capabilities to this community. Among the most important:

The ALS Association (ALSA)( – the “largest privately-funded research enterprise” dedicated to curing Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s disease) and assist people struggling with the disease

38Pitches( – Curt Schilling’s personal blog, covering (among numerous other topics) his work with ALSA and other charitable organizations

The SHADE Foundation( – founded by Shonda Schilling, this non-profit organization is dedicated to the detection and prevention of skin cancer, chiefly by education on safe sun exposure

More ALS Information and Resources:

ALS Wikipedia entry(

Mayo Clinic ALS page(

WebMD ALS page (

ALS Forums ( – message board, chat, resources and more for people “directly or indirectly affected by ALS and MND (Motor Neuron Disease)”

The combination of the graphic and web design of these sites definitely helps to draw in or detract viewers. It could be of great service to any site that is trying to reach people to push them away by accident with terrible design.

If you have any feedback, questions or comments please feel free to contact us. We are always striving to monitor & respond to comments but please be patient while you wait. We appreciate everyone equally & will respond in the same order we receive comments or questions.

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