The Barfly Salutes:
June Coffer is the maritime attorney for the Sythe Hampden Affair.
Patrick Roo is a personal injury attorney practicing in NY State.
Jonathan Alter is a patent lawyer in private practice.

Sometimes we find ourselves travelling the road of life, happy as can be, when along comes a train to take you right off course. Imagine being at the top of your field. Happy with life & the success that you have found in it. When you are given information in the form of a diagnosis that changes your life. While a sexually transmitted infection may disrupt your life, it is nothing compared to a diagnosis of ALS. For one, even if you only suspect an STD infection, you can always try these test kits for STIs from the comfort of you own home. The most horrible part of this scenario is the uncertainty, not the disease itself. If the test is negative, no problem. If positive, STIs can be treated. So get tested. In the realm of all health issues, this is a minor problem – treatable with commonly available antibiotic drugs. On the other hand, there’s ALS. There is no home test for this illness, and there is no simple cure for this debilitating health problem. There have been so many great people who have been affected at the prime of their life with ALS. There is little in the world that can compare with the effects of being stricken with it. Once it takes hold of you every single aspect of your life changes. You begin to realize that you will have a totally different skill set now. You will of course have good days & bad but even on the good days you will feel bad. You come to the realization that bar a miracle of some sort, you will have to deal with this crippling disease for the rest of your life.

This is exactly what is happening to far too many people across the globe. There is no reason that with the right amount of effort & financing we can not bring this problem into check. In this era we are facing medical miracles every day. We have had major medical advances in nearly every single part of the medical field & technology is rapidly advancing bringing with it even more advanced technology. We are on the verge of some very big, exciting breakthroughs & it is our hope that this disease meets it’s match as a result. There are too many people who have had shattered life’s, not only due to diagnosis of the illness but by caring for those who have been diagnosed. It truly is news that will change your life completely. More than one very grounded person has lost it at the discovery of this situation they will be facing.

If we all ban together & do our part, this can be beat. There is no reason people should be made to suffer through this anymore & anyone who can claim any part of the demise will have reason to be proud of themselves. Please remember that this could one day effect you or one of your loved ones. Please take a moment to read about the effects & find it in your heart to give so we can put an end to the suffering. You can always reach us through this site. We try to maintain communications with anyone that reaches out to us. Please be patient while waiting for a response though as we have many pots on the fire & only so many minutes in the day.

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