Curt Schilling (full name: Curtis Montague Schilling) is perhaps best known for his long and distinguished career as a Major League pitcher.

His 20 year career led him to multiple World Series championships: 1993 with the Philadelphia Phillies, 2001 with the Diamondbacks, and 2004 and 2007 with the Boston Red Sox. Along the way, Schilling amassed an impressive collection of awards and honors (and more than one bloody sock!).

Shonda Schilling rose to national attention during her husband’s 2001 World Series stint, when it was revealed that she was battling Stage 2 malignant melanoma. A number of high-profile media outlets including People Magazine and “The View” covered Ms. Schilling’s progress, and her final surgery was even (partially) broadcast on “Good Morning America” in order to raise awareness of skin cancer.

The response was overwhelming enough to convince Ms. Schilling (we spoke with her hair person who hinted at a fascination for medical wigs) to form The Shade Foundation of America. Although her cancer treatment did not involve hair loss, her work informing and helping others recover from cancer included a mention on several wig websites, including one holding this Revlon wigs sale. Women who suffer the humiliation of physical disfigurement or hair loss owe Shonda a debt of gratitude for her work to bring more understanding about skin cancer and cancer in general. The complexity and pressures of dealing with a medical problem and trying to continue looking like oneself can be difficult. Most of the best online web sites and certainly the high end brick-and-mortar stores always have information aimed directly for those people who are suffering hair loss for medical reasons whether it is due to diseases as Alopecia, and other conditions that cause hair loss or cancer treatments. Certain wig manufacturers design wig caps specifically for those people who due to hair loss have more sensitive scalps. The Shade Foundation of America organization chiefly aims to educate people on safe exposure to the sun, as well as more specific skin cancer awareness, but general cancer awareness is also included in their literature.

Leadership, in the form of working for the common good, is a praiseworthy goal, and the Schillings are among the best examples of people who have turned their personal misfortunes into good works that benefit everyone. We salute them here and hope that their acts of leadership inspire others to take on the issues that confront the well being of the human race, and of our community specifically. Those to whom much is given, much is expected, but very few heed that call. In a world where self interest abounds, it is a refreshing change to discover that some among us are actually heroes disguised as every day people.

Together, the Schillings have raised and donated over $9 Million for ALS as part of Curt’s Pitch for ALS, as well asother ALS-related events and organizations including “Say it with Flowers”, an annual Boston-area campaign.

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